For foreigners

Aries Osteopathic Clinic Ebisu welcomes those who cannot speak or are not good at Japanese.

For you to receive the treatment with peace of mind, we will tell you how our clinic treats foreigners as follows.

1. Although we actively perform treatments for foreigners, we do not have staff who can speak foreign languages at a native level. There is one staff (Sunagawa) who can speak English at a daily conversation level, so if you can speak English, we recommend Sunagawa's treatment.

- I can only understand foreign languages other than English, such as "greetings" and "thank you".

2. For foreign languages, it is easier to make a reservation directly at the store than to make a reservation over the phone.

- At stores, you can use gestures and English materials to guide you, so it is easy to communicate with the staff.

3. Some staff is not used to communicating with foreigners, so they may treat you rudely. Please understand that it is not a refusal, it is just that I am not used to it.

4. We offer treatments with confidence. Some customers are satisfied even when communication is almost impossible and are repeat customers. Please use it once.

Aries Osteopathic Clinic provides polite and effective treatments for everyone.